LDP Team

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Guylhem Aznar.


Greg Ferguson


FAQ Coordinator

Mirror Coordinator

Joshua Drake


Guide Coordinator


Tim Bynum

Howto Coordinator

The  Team comprises the hub of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). They are responsible for the coordination and communication of all things in and out of the LDP.

  • Our fearless leader, Guylhem Aznar is the focal point of ideas, and the spearhead of the project. If you have a project, book or general idea that you would like to present feel free to email him.
  • Greg Ferguson is the Webmaster's savior, he makes sure that everything the webmaster does actually works, thus the QC (Quality Control). He is also in charge of maintaining items such as the mirror list, adding additional mirrors to the LDP and FAQ's.
  • Joshua Drake is the webmaster - he is responsible for the Website as a whole including the content, user interface, and design. If you hate the website design, colors or want content added you need to talk to him. He is also in charge of the LDP Guides. If you would like to author or take over maintainership of a Guide he is the person to talk to.
  • Tim Bynum is the Howto Coordinator. If your howto is not getting published on time or you want to know something about the Howto's he is the individual to talk to.
  • The following table is a list of individuals responsible for coordinating/leading the translation effort for HOWTOs, LDP Guides, etc. :

    Language Coordinator Site
    Chinese [email protected] ftp.linux.org.tw:/pub/CLDP/howto-translations/
    Croatian [email protected] ftp.linux.hr:/pub/dokumentacija/KAKO/
    French Eric Dumas, [email protected] ftp.traduc.org:/pub/HOWTO/FR
    Greek/Hellenic   tux.hellug.gr:/
    Indonesian [email protected]
    Italian [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Japanese [email protected] ftp.linet.gr.jp:/pub/howto-translations
    Korean [email protected] kldp.org:/pub/KLDP/HOWTOs
    Polish [email protected] ftp.jtz.org.pl:/HOWTO
    Slovenian [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Spanish [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Swedish [email protected] ftp.hig.se:/pub/linux/swe-doc/official

If you email one of us directly please remember that we receive "TONS" of email and it may take some time to get back to you. If you have a question about the LDP or would like to just throw some ideas around we strongly suggest that you subscribe to [email protected] To do this email [email protected] and put the word Subscribe in the body of the message.

I can not stress this enough. We are happy to try and respond to email but if it is a general discussion issue please take it to the list. We are here to help please do not abuse us ;)